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    "Being an artist is something you're born with and discover as you live your life."

    The Artistic Process

    Art, at the heart of it, is true creation. It is the closest attempt at creating a material object from an emotion, a feeling, a vision, a dream. Both Lou DeSerio and Adam DeSerio have always been artists. They have stated, "We take great responsibility in being an 'Artist' and treat such a title very seriously." It is because of this desperate desire to create that both father and son assume all the roles of the artistic process.

    Most people forget the necessary work that happens before the shutter is even clicked. For nearly every photograph, a great deal of planning, effort and scoping-out a location occur before the actual shot is captured. Both Lou and Adam spend time connecting with their environments, seeking any messages that nature might be holding. They find peace and quite, so that they can hear everything more clearly. Once finding exactly what they are looking for, they can return when the weather conditions are perfect, in order to attempt to capture their experience in a photograph.

    Upon capturing their image, they return to the computer. They first review their photographic capture, and spend a lot of time selecting the perfect image to be added to their artistic portfolio. Once an image is selected, it begins the analysis process. It has to be an image that the artist truly loves, something they would want to live with and hang on their own wall. This is strongly considered before any image is even thought about for printing.

    Both Lou DeSerio and Adam DeSerio are true artist. They have both always sought to create, to inspire and to dream, and both have chosen to share such passions through photography. "The greater control the artist can be in of his creation, the closer it can be to true art." They both have always been at the forefront of every aspect of the artist creation as they could. They print, mount, mat and frame all of their own work, as will be further explained below.

    The Artistic Product

    The Printing. We use only the highest quality archival pigment inks, which deliver realistic and natural colors that are not only vibrant, but are tested to last the life of the piece without any signs of fading or discoloration. We print onto state of the art satin papers, which deliver depth to every piece without being overly glossy like most lower end papers. Presently, we print all our work with a Canon iPF8000 printer that delivers ultra-high quality images using 12 different color-ink cartridges, and enables us to print sizes up to 44 inches wide. Prints are then placed on our specially designed drying rack, to ensure the ink is completely dry before sealing the image under glass.

    The Mounting. We use superior quality acid-free white foam-core mounting boards, which display our images beautifully against a true-white color board. Because we use only acid-free boards, that guarantees your piece will not give off an acidic gas and fog up your image, nor will the mount board discolor over time. Images really pop on these boards, and will work perfectly with any acid-free mat(s) selected for the piece.

    The Matting and Framing. We spend a lot of time selecting the perfect mat and perfect frame for each piece. We pick mats and frames that not only complement the piece, but will also complement your home. We have worked with many customers to specifically choose the best matting and framing to work with their decor and make our photographs look amazing on the wall. If you have been in our gallery, you know the true emphasis we put on our matting and framing, offering a top of the line product at a very affordable price point.
    The Finishing. Once each completely handmade piece is completed by the artist himself, it is closely examined for any imperfections or issues. It is then either shipped to a customer, or brought to our gallery to be proudly displayed to hundreds of visitors in Sedona, Arizona. It is extremely rare to find an artist that is in complete control of their creation, and not subject to result of others'... Let alone the rarity of finding two artists.
    To read either Adam DeSerio or Lou DeSerio's biography, click on their names.