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    Adam was born May 21, 1994, in Sedona, Arizona. Having spent his early life in the midst of his photographer father, Lou DeSerio, it came as no surprise that like his father, Adam would be drawn to the immense beauty in the world, and capture it with his camera!

    Adam DeSerio 3 years oldIt all began at age 3. Adam was using a kid’s snapshot camera, pretending to be like his dad. At age 6, he was given a 2 megapixel digital camera and started selling his photo magnets in the family gallery in Sedona. By age 11, he was given a Fuji Finepix 9 megapixel camera, allowing him to print larger images to sell in the gallery. In April 2007, Adam’s skills and knowledge expanded to not only photographing, but also mounting, matting and framing. He now prints his own works with a Canon iPF 8000 Color printer. Although Adam is presented with opportunity, his skills, ability and eye are all his own creation. In 2008, Adam entered his first photo contest, at age 13, with his image, “Swirling Stone”. He was selected out of thousands of entries by National Geographic Kids Explorer, winning an experience of a lifetime; trip to Australia and new Nikon D60 Digital SLR camera.

    Adam DeSerioAdam’s photographs are being well received and purchased by people from all over the world. Adam and his dad together enjoy the serenity of nature and the opportunity of spending time together. Adam has continued throughout his high school career to develop his eye and technical understanding of the complexity contained within photographic art. He is currently using a Nikon D850 DSLR camera. Further, he has derived skills in communication, business and understanding people as he has worked in the gallery over the past several years.

    Adam graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School as salutatorian of his class in May of 2012, and is now studying International Business and Management up in Flagstaff, Arizona at the Northern Arizona University. Adam’s most recent work has put an emphasis on panoramic photography, incorporating a vast view of the wondrous landscape.

    “Photography gives an individual a front row seat to life, placing one at the forefront of beauty and awe.”
    – Adam DeSerio

    Last Updated: 2014