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    Lou DeSerio is one of photography’s most eminent artists. He holds the distinction of many awards and accomplishments.

    In 1977, the Nevada Art’s Council awarded him the first grant in their history to an individual artist! One year later he was awarded a second grant to study with Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park. In praise of DeSerio’s work, Ansel Adams said, “…these photographs exceed the event!” DeSerio was born in 1951 in Brooklyn, New York. At age two he was already showing an interest in his parents’ piano. By five he was demanding a Grand Piano to play. He had formal music lessons for twelve years and became a music teacher himself. He was the youngest on staff at the New York Institute of Music. In high school, photography was a hobby but his involvement grew to the point that in college he decided on a photography career and in 1970 attended the famous Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. In 1971, he began composing music and enriched his photographic experience with his own creative originality. In 1979, he self-published, “A Last Look”, a book of his creative work in the Ghost Towns of Nevada. It was quickly noticed by the State of Nevada and then Governor List made DeSerio’s book an official gift of State.

    By 1980, DeSerio’s passion for color photography began and he traveled through the Southwest looking for a new home. After surveying the region, he settled on Arizona and in 1981 he was the first artist ever commissioned by the largest Savings and Loan Institution to produce a collection of images that would be installed in Prescott, Arizona. Sedona became his main focus and he relocated to Red Rock Country in 1983. His works were immediately contracted by Creekside Galleries and then in 1987 he opened the first successful photography gallery in Sedona, Arizona. Today his gallery is located at The Hyatt Pinon Pointe in Sedona. Throughout his life he never abandoned his love for music and in 1990 released the first album of his original piano music, “Rapture The Heart”. Three years later, with the accompaniment of his own digital instrumentation to the piano, he recorded and released a second album, “Grand Illusions.”

    A distinctive feature of DeSerio’s work is the rich and vibrant colors he obtains from the long lasting IlfoChrome material. He now is refining his skills in scanning his 4×5 film images, adjusting them for output and printing with a 12-color Canon Inkjet Printer.

    Last Update: 2014